About Seek & Find

Flametree Baptist Church have launched Seek & Find Op Shop into the Nambour Community in March 2015.  

On behalf of the church, Evie Neale and Charlene Morse spent most of 2014 gathering and sorting donations from the church and community, as well as seeking the right location and setting the shop up with its unique decor and inviting appeal.  These ladies co-manage the shop with a group of volunteers.

Why Are We Doing What We're Doing?

Flametree Baptist Church have a heart to see Nambour thrive again and believe that having an Op Shop in the community, is a step in getting behind some of the goals and partnering and interacting in the community to that end.

How Are We Giving Back To Nambour?

The profits from Seek & Find will be going directly back into the Nambour community to serve some of the projects that are building a positive future for Nambour.

Seek & Find Op Shop

  • Level 1, Centenary Square, 52 - 64 Currie St, Nambour, Queensland 4560
  • (07) 5441 6060